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3rd Lumbar Nerve Autonomic Dysfunction: Sex Organs, Uterus and Bladder – Explaining Chiropractic Miracles

Love life, pregnancy, menstrual pain and bed wetting

Many people today associate Chiropractic with auto accidents and pain, but the history of Chiropractic miracles lies in the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is the part of the nervous system that deals with the regulation of bodily organ function. Each nerve level has a specific area that it has more influence over than others. The 3rd Lumbar nerve has a muscle control link that supplies the muscles of the knee. The 3rd Lumbar nerve also has an autonomic part of the motor nerve that only controls organs specifically the sex organs, uterus and bladder. Dr. Fred Schofield at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix has been studying, diagnosing and helping 3rd Lumbar Nerve Dysfunction for over 25 years.

How Chiropractic Helps YOUR Love Life

Behind the doors of the adjusting room, when no one seems to be around, it has not been uncommon for the middle aged male patient to say, “Dr. Fred, I need to ask you something”. Then he will go on to explain how he has been taking Viagra and Cialis due to E.D. He will then tell Dr. Fred how the effects of the medication had been mixed and that he did not like taking them. Here is the miracle part. “Since I have been getting adjusting I have no more E.D.!” And “I am no longer taking Viagra or Cialis.”

Getting Pregnant and Reducing Menstrual Pain with Chiropractic

Many women are told they cannot get pregnant or suffer from severe menstrual pain and cramping. The Uterus, which houses the implantation of the fetus, sheds every 28 days and is controlled by the 3rd Lumbar nerve. Dr. Hugo Gibson gave a telling testimonial in August 2012 of how 50 years ago, his wife had been told that she needed her Uterus taken out, due to severe menstrual cramps and also could not have children. Hugo, a Chiropractor, began to look for alternatives. His wife under went specific Chiropractic Adjustments and later that year gave birth to their first child. Today they celebrate having had several children and many grand children and great grand children. This miracle can be explained in simple terms. Mrs. Gibson had a bone out of place which was interfering with a nerve. This nerve interference resulted in dysfunction within the Uterus. The adjustment was able to remove the interference.

Bed wetting, urgency and incontinence – The Bladder and Chiropractic

3rd Lumbar nerve interference may even cause bed wetting in children. While in adults, 3rd nerve interference may cause a feeling of urgency to urinate, loss of control of urination or need for a catheter to urinate. Correction of 3rd Lumbar nerve dysfunction, with a Chiropractic Adjustment, has been shown to help on a case study basis. If you or a loved one suffers from these conditions, Call Atlas Chiropractic at 602-317-1673 Today!