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Allergies, Sinus trouble, and Chiropractic

At the beginning of March, here in Arizona, our allergy season began in full force. The unusually warm weather has allowed many plants and trees to bloom earlier than they normally would.  All forecasts say that the allergen levels will be high, this is unfortunate news for people who routinely suffer from seasonal allergies, and with such high levels, even the rare allergy sufferer may find themselves suffering from allergy symptoms.

For those who are unfamiliar, typical seasonal allergy symptoms include:
sneezing             wheezing                nasal congestion                  coughing                itchy, watery eyes
runny nose        itchy throat             stomach ache                       itchy skin               hives
fatigue                irritability              itchy nose                              itchy ears                hoarseness

The problem with allergy medication

Now it may be that you are content to manage your allergy symptoms with over the counter medication. But consider this: most medications come with side effects, especially seasonal allergy medication. The most common side effects include:

Dry mouth



Nausea and vomiting

Restlessness or moodiness (in some children)

Trouble urinating or not being able to urinate

Blurred vision


What can you do to help yourself?

Although chiropractic care is not a specific allergy treatment, relief can often be found for allergy sufferers.
When you suffer from allergies it is because your body’s immune system is overreacting to something that won’t actually harm it. For example, dust, pollen, etc. Your Chiropractor can realign your body so that your immune system can work properly with all of the nerves in your body.

Case Studies

One case study showed how an 11 year old girl with chronic allergies, sinus problems, and asthma, after a total of 27 visits, found she was able to discontinue medication use , lost all allergic symptoms, and was able to breath normally.

Another case study showed how a 7 year old boy, who suffered from chronic colds, allergies, and asthma since the age of 5 months, after two weeks of chiropractic care was able to discontinue allergy and asthma medication.

Get yourself off the allergy medication, and see what your chiropractor can do for you.