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Are You Sleep Deprived? The Health and Stress Factor

What role does stress play in your sleep? And what role does Sleep play on your Health?

Dr. Fred Schofield, at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, has been hearing patients say they sleep better after a Chiropractic Adjustment for years. But, what is the relationship between sleep, health, and stress? How much sleep do you need?

How much Sleep do I need? The role of the Nervous System

The amount of sleep you need can very from 14 hours for an infant to 7 hours for an older adult. Stress, physical activity, and healing crisis’ can increase the amount of sleep you need. During the day, the sympathetic nervous system (your fight or flight mechanism) is active. The more you do during the day, the more this system drives you to do more. At night, the parasympathetic nervous system (your energy restoration and healing system) is more active.

How do Stress and Spinal Subluxations Effect Sleep?

If your spine is out of alignment (especially the upper neck), the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems can be out of balance. The end result is you are tired during the day, wound up at night, and cannot settle down to sleep. Overwhelming stress can create a wind up in the sympathetic nervous system, which means your body is still running a race when it is time to go to sleep. Sympathetic domination goes hand in hand with spinal mis-alignments.

Why do I sleep better after an adjustment?

The specific chiropractic adjustment restores the balance of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, giving you energy during the day and allowing you to sleep well at night.
Ideal Sleeping Conditions Promoting Healing and Restoration
Sleeping in a room without clocks, LED lights, night lights, or electronics of any kind promotes longer deeper sleeping. Also, blacking out the windows with thick blinds or drapes is helpful.

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