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Calcium Absorption And Osteoporosis

How does what we Eat effect Calcium Absorption and Osteoporosis?

Millions of American’s are taking Calcium to prevent osteoporosis, but their diet may be preventing Calcium absorption. Calcium is just one of a hundred minerals that is responsible for bone density and strength. Some foods enhance Calcium absorption, while others pull Calcium out of the bone. Dr. Fred Schofield, at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, has been focusing on Calcium and its role in health for many years.

Calcium and Phosphorus Ratio Needed to Absorb Calcium

The ideal ratio of Calcium to Phosphorus is 2 to 1. This 2 to 1 ratio allows for absorption of Calcium into the bone. The average American, eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), has a Calcium to Phosphorus ratio of 1 to 4. This 1 to 4 ratio pulls Calcium out of the bone and into the blood. Thus, no matter how much Calcium we consume, if the ratio is 1 to 4 we will develop osteoporosis.
Acid Base Balance and Calcium Absorption
The normal acid base balance of the body is close to neutral. This neutral pH allows for Calcium to absorb into bone. An acid pH causes Calcium to be pulled into the blood, and creates osteoporosis.

Foods That Inhibit Calcium Absorption
Certain foods will make the body acidic and throw off the Calcium to Phosphorus ratio of 2 to 1 and make it 1 to 4. Foods that pull Calcium from the bone, by increasing blood Phosphorus and body acidity, include: coffee, tea, soda, any carbonated drinks, red meat, dairy, processed sugar, wheat and dairy. All processed foods build at a 1 to 4 ratio.

Foods That Enhance Calcium Absorption
Certain foods will create an alkaline environment and promote a normal Calcium to Phosphorus ratio of 2 to 1. The foods that promotes Calcium absorption like no other are sesame seeds, raw leafy green vegetables, sprouts, seeds, and nuts and produce the ideal ratio and pH to get Calcium into the bone. Celtic, Himalayan or Real Salt provide the hundreds of minerals that are co-factors in getting and keeping Calcium in the bone.

What Else Can I Do? Walking, Lifting Weights and Yoga
Walking, lifting weights, yoga, prayer and meditation can also help. Walking and lifting weights create the demand for Calcium in the bone. Stress can deplete Calcium in bone. Yoga, prayer and meditation decrease stress.

The Chiropractic, Calcium, and Osteoporosis Connection
Studies have shown that Chiropractic increases absorption of Calcium into the digestive tract, blood and bone. Absorbing Calcium is a product of a normal functioning nervous system. Call Dr. Fred Schofield for a Calcium Absorption Osteoporosis Check Up today at 602-938-8868.