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Candida Overgrowth

Eliminating Candida and Building Up Normal Flora to Restore a Healthy Balance
="" >Candida is normally present in the skin but once overgrown it can affect all bodily functions. "" >Symptoms can range from skin conditions, oral thrush, and upper urinary or lower urinary tract infections.  Recently, Candida has been shown to cause problems throughout the body ranging from digestion problems, immune disorders, emotional disorders and behavioral disorders. The gut function and brain function are closely related.

Elimination of Candida – Killing the Growth
Candida lives off of sugar. Until the Candida is reduced, all sugar, fruit, high sugar vegetables, bread, pasta, and processed foods must be eliminated. A stool sample and culture can be performed to monitor the actual population of Candida in the stool which allows you to know what best eliminates your Candida. High Potency Garlic and Pau D’ Arco are commonly used to reduce Candida growth. Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix is a supplier of these supplements.

Building Up the Normal Flora in the Body
Consuming food and probiotics that build the normal bacteria of the gut are crucial to success. Eat a tablespoon of sauerkraut and a tablespoon of live acidophilus cultures after each meal. Remember, most yogurt has sugar or aspartame and has been pasteurized; so unless you are growing the yogurt culture yourself yogurt is not a good source.