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Car Accident Injury

How do car accident injuries occur?

Injuries sustained from car accidents affect the soft tissues that hold you in place. When your car is impacted by an object or another car, your head (which weighs 10-15 pounds) is thrown around. When this happens, the soft tissues: the muscles, ligaments and tendons, can be torn. This is what we call a soft tissue injury. Misalignments, which cause nerve pressure similar to a rock blocking a hose, are a common result of car accident injury. Dr. Fred Schofield has seen thousands of patients who have suffered from this type of injury.

Immediate Treatment for Car Accident Injury

Soft tissue car accident injuries are best when treated right away. Atlas Chiropractic and Dr. Fred Schofield understand a patient’s desire to find out what the problems are and their desire to be seen as soon as possible. For the best possible outcome, treatment should be started immediately following a car accident. When a rock blocks up a hose and no water can get out, the garden will die. When a bone is out of place it creates nerve interference which prevents the body from healing. The Chiropractor removes the rock from the hose, which allows the body to heal. The longer you wait to see a Chiropractor, the harder the problem can be to correct.

Experience in helping car accident injuries
Dr. Fred Schofield and Atlas Chiropractic have over 25 years of experience in evaluating and treating car accident injuries. If you are injured and in pain, our office will provide you with the confidence that you have come to the right place for help. Learn more about Dr. Fred at

We handle ALL of the Car Accident Injury Paper Work

Car accident injuries are covered in Arizona by Med Pay, General Insurance and Attorney Letter of Protection. Atlas Chiropractic will handle all of the paper work. We will call and verify coverage with your insurance company. In the event that you do not have insurance, we will communicate with your attorney and provide him or her with whatever they need.

Call for your Car accident Injury Consultation Today!

Your Atlas Chiropractic Car Accident Injury Hot Line is 602-938-8868. Our address is centrally located in northwest Phoenix; at 4131 W Thunderbird Rd. Dr. Fred Schofield has the experience and the training to help you resolve your car accident injury today!

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