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Change Your Life with the Top 3 Alkaline Foods

(And what could be stopping these foods from working for YOU)

You may have heard about the importance of moving your body into an alkaline state. The benefits of your body being closer to a neutral pH, can drastically improve your health. An acidic body is a breeding ground for cancer, inflammation and malabsorption of nutrients. But what could be blocking the benefits of these top three alkaline foods? Dr. Fred Schofield at, has been helping patients answer this question for 25 years.

Alkalinity: the Chiropractic Parallel
Chiropractic is based on the idea that your body was designed to function perfectly, as long as there is no interference. Mental impulses from the brain, traveling down the spinal cord, and out the spinal nerves to the cells and tissues, provide everything needed for ideal health. When these transmissions are interfered with mentally, physically or chemically, then a state of dis-ease is created. Dis-ease is an imbalanced state that causes illness without symptoms. Chiropractors help to remove interference to mental impulses, which allows the body to heal itself.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) drives YOUR pH toward an acid state. If YOU are consuming (SAD) coffee, soda, tea and processed food, on a regular basis, adding these top three alkalizing foods may not make a difference. If you remove the interference (SAD), these top three alkalizing foods can make a major impact in YOUR life.

The 80% 20% Principle
It is unrealistic for everyone to remove all SAD foods from their life over night. The 80/20 Principle says, what you do 80% of the time will have the greatest impact. Meaning, you can eat 100% alkaline Monday thru Friday but allow yourself SAD food on the weekend, or make sure 80% of every meal is alkaline.

The Top Three Alkaline Foods
The top three foods to drive your body to an alkaline state are spinach, cucumbers, and broccoli. Remember these foods have their greatest effect when consumed RAW. To learn more, two great books are The pH Miracle
and Raw Food Made Easy. They are packed with several delicious ways to keep these top three foods in your daily diet.

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