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“Chasing The Tiger By The Tail-What is Health?”

Are you running in circles to find Health?

What is the true definition of health? Everyone wants to be healthy, but what does that mean? Let us first define health, so we know what we are looking for.

What is Health?

By definition, health is complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. Not merely, the absence of symptoms. Hippocrates talked about health as the body in a state of EASE. DIS-EASE is the body moving away from health without symptoms. DISEASE is the body out of balance with symptoms. True health is homeostasis.

What is Homeostasis?
Homeostasis is the body’s ability to adapt to its environment. When our body is placed under stress, it responds to that stress. For example, if our body is functioning optimally and comes in contact with a bacteria or virus that should not be present, our body recognizes the presence of the abnormal bacteria or virus and kills it. If we bend our back in an extreme range of motion, protective reflexes and muscles prevent us from hurting ourselves. When we work hard, our body grows and meets the demand. If we normally only eat meat and then switch to vegetables, our body changes the way it produces energy.

What is Dis-Ease?

When we exceed our body’s ability to adapt, Dis-Ease and later Disease, is created.

The Brain Stem is the Master Controller Of Adaption and Health

The brain is the computer that runs your body. When the Cycle from your Brain to Brain Stem to Spinal Cord to Nerve to Cell-Tissue-Organ and back to Brain is functioning optimally, your body can adapt and stay healthy. If the Brain Stem, the fuse box of the body’s electrical system, is off then your body cannot adapt, and with stress, disease will result. Misalignments of the Upper Cervical Spine can turn off or interfere with the brain stem.

Health, Homeostasis and the Chiropractic Connection

Specific Upper Cervical Adjustments keep the Brain Stem fuse box on, and remove interference to the electrical control system of the body, insuring optimal health and adaption to stress.

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