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Chiropractic during Pregnancy

Why should you begin to see, or continue seeing a chiropractor while you are pregnant?
Women who are pregnant are going through a period of great physical change. Along with that change, various aches and growing pains may follow. Most women accept most of the pain they feel during pregnancy as something that is expected and accept it as something they can’t do much about. As it turns out, there is something your chiropractor can do for most of the pain you are experiencing. According to a 2008 study,  50–80% of pregnant women suffer from low back pain. However, only about 50% of women visit a physician for low back or pelvic pain.

Low Back Pain
If you are pregnant and experiencing mild to severe low back pain you should know that your chiropractor can help relieve your pain in a way that will not cause harm to your baby. Several studies (1,2,3) have shown that chiropractic can help alleviate low back pain in pregnancy.

Round Ligament Pain
Instead of Low back pain you might be experiencing Round ligament pain, which is described  as a sharp pain, which is short-lived and feels like a muscle spasm which can also radiate to the groin. Accompanying this initial pain, some women experience lingering soreness. Studies  have shown that chiropractic adjustments can help relieve round ligament pain.

Whole Body Benefits
Chiropractic care can benefit your entire pregnant body as well. According to NZCA spokesman and chiropractor, Dr. Hayden Thomas, “Chiropractic care can benefit all aspects of your body’s ability to be healthy, by optimizing brain-body communication through the nervous system…Altered spinal structure and neurological function can have profound effects in pregnant women, meaning that they may experience more discomfort during pregnancy and often require assisted labor.”

Helping Your Baby Grow
According to the American Pregnancy Association, “when the pelvis is misaligned (which may have been preexisting or a result of pregnancy) it can restrict the amount of room that the baby has to grow, and make it difficult for the baby to get into the right position for delivery.”

Shorter Labor Time
According to the National Institute of Health, first time mothers who received regular chiropractic care experienced 25% shorter labor times. Mothers who already had children experience up to 31% shorter labor times.

Chiropractic during pregnancy can provide numerous benefits to assure you will have a healthy, more comfortable experience.