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Creating a New Body Every Seven Years

Most cells and tissues in your body are replaced every seven years
Our bodies are continually shedding off old cells and creating new ones. Studies have shown that most cells in your body, including skeletal tissue, are replaced every seven years. What does this mean to YOU? The simple fact that your body is continually replacing itself means there is both hope and opportunity, for YOU to change your body. There is the hope that many chronic health challenges may be overcome with time. There is opportunity, because everything you eat, do and say, will help create new cells in your body. With laser beam like focus and staying the course, you can produce a healthier body, (in seven years) than the one you have today.

How long does it take for different cell types and organs to regenerate?
Each organ or cell type has its own replacement time. The lining of the stomach is replaced every five days. The outer skin is replaced in about a week. Red blood cells last about 4 months. The cells of the liver last about 5 months. The heart regenerates at a rate of about one percent a year. Bone is constantly remodeling itself, and replaces all of its cells in about seven years. Some cells, like certain parts of the brain, do not regenerate. However, many areas thought not to regenerate only 10 years ago, have now been proven to regenerate. New technologies allow us to see the regeneration process in greater detail every year.

What can I do to maximize healthy regeneration?
Each cell in your body needs food, a nerve supply, and activation, to grow. Eating food gives your cells the energy and nutrients needed to grow and function at 100%. These foods should be Organic and 80% raw vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits. Proper nutrition is a lifetime course of study and commitment. The more you learn, and implement changes, the healthier YOU can become. Spend time learning healthy recipes. Make healthy cooking a labor of love with your friends and family. Consider adding Wuji Chorella into your family’s daily meal plan. Wuji Chorella is an Organic Whole Food supplement packed with all the vitamins, minerals and protein YOUR body needs. Chiropractic care insures proper nerve supply, so that the cell can develop with the intelligence to function at 100%. Activation, or stimulation, is needed to excite and grow the new cells. Learn to play a musical instrument or learn a foreign language. Take up a new hobby or change careers. Being a couch potato will turn your body into a dusty pillow. Living a fresh and dynamic life keeps your body growing and developing.

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