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Daily Movement Keeps You Productive and Healthy

Research shows that Daily Movement Keeps YOU Productive and Healthy
Today’s research has shown that inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death in the world today. This week Dr. Fred Schofield is going to review daily steps for your work place to keep you productive and healthy. At Atlas Chiropractic, Dr. Fred is committed to teaching patients to keep their bodies moving. Daily movement not only prevents diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, back pain and heart disease, but it can increase your overall productivity at work. A recent study has also shown that the more active you are at work the more likely you are to work out and participate in social activities after work as well.

Transforming sitting at work into Movement and Energy
When you visit us at Atlas Chiropractic you may notice the Dyno Disc on all of our chairs. The Dyno Disc is an air filled bladder that you sit on. Soft and comfortable office chairs cause you to have poor posture, which will then cause you to have low energy. Although these chairs are comfortable at first, over time they can give you back pain, headaches, and make you want to take a nap! Placing the Dyno Disc on a hard flat bottom chair creates a bubble for you to balance on while you sit. There is no back support so your brain is forced to activate the muscles that hold you up. This balancing at work will keep your core strong and increase your ability to focus. A balance ball works great as an office chair as well, but this can require a little more agility. Making this one small change can transform your sedentary office chair (which can kill you) into a strengthening exercise machine for your body and brain, which through motion will add years to your life.

I am not just standing all alone; I am making plans to socialize!
A recent study shows that people who stand at work are more likely to exercise and attend social activities after work. Standing workers are also more productive at work. Many companies are catching on to this phenomena, and it may no longer be strange to see lobby’s with higher reception desks and the receptionist standing behind it, or entire offices with drafting boards instead of desks. Not only are the workers more productive, but the health care cost for the company is reduced. You might think that after all this standing around you would need to go home and fall asleep. Surprise! The opposite is true. Those that stand all day at work have been found to be more likely to go see a show or a game after work.

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