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Dizziness, Upper Neck and Chiropractic

The Relationship between the Upper Neck, Dizziness and Chiropractic

Millions of Americans suffer from unexplained dizziness everyday. There are many<a href="" > causes of dizziness including inner ear, vestibular, electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, low blood pressure, side effects from medication, blood loss or blood disorders.

In this blog we will explain how dizziness relates to the upper cervical spine and chiropractic care. Dr. Fred Schofield, of Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, has cared for thousands of Arizona residents with dizziness successfully over the last 30 years.

Dizziness and the Upper Cervical Spine or Neck

The upper joints of the neck (occiput, first cervical vertebrae or atlas, and the second cervical vertebrae or axis) have the greatest neurological contribution to the balance centers of the brain. This can be pictured like a vase of flowers. The nerves start in the upper neck and blossom into the brain like flowers. 90% of all proprioception, or balance, signals come for the upper neck joints to the balance and equilibrium areas of the brain through this vase of flowers. If there is dysfunction of the normal motion and alignment of the upper cervical spine, then pinched nerves/spinal cord result, and there is an interruption of the normal signals up the vase to the flowers. When the signals going up the vase to the flowers stop, the flowers do not bloom. When the flowers of the brain do not bloom then you can get dizzy. Thus, there is a direct relationship between the alignment of the upper neck and dizziness.

Chiropractic Care Removal of Nerve Interference and Dizziness

Dr. Fred Schofield, at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, has a special interest in the detection and correction of nerve interference in the neck. A detailed exam and x-rays when indicated give the doctor the specific listing of misalignment if present. Then the doctor applies a specific force in a specific direction to restore function and reduce pressure. The release of pressure allows the signals of the upper cervical spine to once again travel up the vase of the upper neck to the flowers of the brain. Restoration of normal upper neck function may improve dizziness in many cases.

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