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Does Chicken Soup Help the Common Cold?

And if Chicken Soup helps what is the best recipe
Everyone has had a Mom or Grandma start making chicken soup as soon as she hears someone in the house has a cold. Is there any actual benefit to chicken soup healing a cold?

What is a Common Cold?
First off, western Medicine and holistic doctors have different views on what a cold is. Medicine sees the cold as a virus that attacks the body. The body then responds by producing white blood cells, inflammation and mucous. The production of inflammation and mucous results in a stuffy nose, congestion, and cough. Holistic doctors view the cold as a symptom of the body not adapting to the environment, or over reacting. When the body is functioning at a high level, you are less likely to get a cold even if you are in contact with the virus.

The Science behind Chicken Soup and the Common Cold
Scientists have shown that Chicken Soup helps slow the response of the body to the cold virus. This delayed response may reduce the production of inflammation and mucous.
Warm liquids have also been shown to clear your body of mucous and keep your body hydrated.

Healthy Chicken Soup that promotes healing and reduces mucous
Remember, all grains, white flour, and sugars cause your body to produce mucous and inflammation. So, Dr. Fred chose a Paleo recipe that is free of grains, white flour and sugar. Remember if you have a cold skip the biscuits, rice and noodles. This recipe has garlic which is a great anti-viral. You can make this soup with 2-4 heads of garlic to really give an immune boost.