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Eat more Salt? : Get 82 Minerals And Improve Your Health

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is a source of 82 minerals
Most people are taught to reduce their salt intake. The reason we have heard this is because regular table salt is made only of sodium chloride, a substance which leaches your body of nutrients.

Watch this great interview with Dr. David Brownstein as he discusses the benefits of Healthy Sea Salt!

Why is Refined Table Salt or Sea Salt bad for YOU?
Refined salt has been processed and lacks needed minerals. Salt makers know people are looking for healthy sea salt, and continue to advertise their product as sea salt even after it has been processed to take out the minerals. This means there are no longer any minerals in processed sea salt. Not only does processed sea salt lack minerals, it also depletes your body of health. Salt makers process sea salt to increase the shelf time of packaged foods.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt: Why is it better for YOU?
Unrefined natural salt, like sea salt or Himalayan Salt, has many beneficial biological processes, including, carrying nutrients into your cells, balancing pH, improving nerve and neuron function, helping to regulate blood pressure, helping the brain communicate with muscles, support function of your glands and hormones and being a major component of blood. Thus, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is considered a VITAL nutrient.

What is in Himalayan Pink Sea Salt?
Unprocessed Himalayan Salt, contains about 85 percent sodium chloride and 15 percent naturally occurring trace minerals (about 82-84 of them), including silicon, phosphorus, and vanadium.

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