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Effects of Pesticides on YOU and YOUR Food

What is the effect of pesticides on you and your food?

The cost of food for a large family is usually the largest living expense. When you are making the choice between buying organic or not, you may wonder if organic is worth the extra cost. Of course, the short and long term effects of pesticides in our food have been well documented. But, another question to ask is; does food grown with pesticides hold the same building blocks for health and energy that organic food does? Northwest Phoenix Chiropractor, Dr. Fred Schofield has focused on building cellular energy organically since 1981.

The Cancer Rate, Pesticide, Hormones and Drug Link

Forty years ago, President Nixon declared a war on cancer. Since this declaration, the cancer rate has continued to go up every year. Almost every American will be affected by cancer in their lifetime in this day and age. What has changed? There are more hormones, pesticides, and genetically modified foods each year. Children are placed on hormones (birth control and human growth hormones) and medication, more often and at an earlier age, than ever before. Normal cells need food grown naturally (without pesticides) to produce healthy energetic cells. These healthy energetic cells in turn, grow healthy energetic tissue and organs. These healthy and energetic organs are what create a healthy energetic child.

Try this interesting experiment at Home!

Take a regular store bought sweet potato, and an organic sweet potato and place them separately into glasses of water. Leave them on your window sill for about a month. You will be amazed to discover how the organic potato has grown abundantly. Or watch this video and see one little girl’s results from this experiment.

Live Energy From YOUR Food
Your body is only capable of creating healthy cells up to the level of healthy food you give it. Your body also requires 100% communication between your brain and your spinal cord. Eating a diet which consists of 80% raw organic vegetables, seeds and nuts, will give your cells the best chance to grow and operate to their fullest potential. It is also very important to see your chiropractor regularly, to insure that the brain is fully communicating with all of the cells of your body.

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