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Effects of Soil Depletion on Your Health

Soil depletion may play a crucial role in your health

Since the 1930’s, USA soil has been in the process of being depleted of vitamins and minerals. Other countries, over the last hundred years, are very aware of soil depletion and the effect it may play on our health. Even Hitler had soil shipped from mineral rich Ukraine to Germany, during World War II, to strengthen his countryman. Currently, the Chinese government is both leasing land in the Ukraine to farm and is shipping Ukraine soil to China, to improve the health of their nation. Micronutrients play a central role in metabolism and in the maintenance of cell, tissue and body health.
Dr. Fred Schofield, of Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, has been studying the effects of soil depletion and its effect on health for over 30 years.

Specific Health Problems caused by Depleted Soil has been well documented

Specific health problems developed from depleted soil are well documented in humans, as well as cattle. In the 1940’s Zinc deficiency was shown to cause stiffness, fluid accumulation, delayed wound healing, skin problems, thymus gland size, liver function, decreased immunity, and problems with Vitamin A absorption, protein synthesis, and enzyme activation.

In the 1950’s Copper deficiency was shown to result in decreased enzyme activity, anemia, heart degeneration and fibrosis, and anorexia.

In 1957 soil vitamin and mineral deficiency was shown to cause liver necrosis, which could be reversed with protein, selenium and Vitamin E supplementation.

Keeping Vitamins and Minerals in YOUR Soil

The best way to insure that vitamins and minerals are in your soil, is to provide your soil with the proper pH, maintain adequate levels of moisture, prevent leaching, maintain the presence of elements and organic matter, and support good microbial activity. Keep in mind that Alkaline soil increases selenium and molybdenum, while acidic soil decreases selenium and increases copper.

Getting YOUR Vitamins and Minerals and Deficiency Testing

The best way to get all your vitamins and minerals is through a balanced diet. Studies have shown that if the food on your plate spans the color spectrum at each meal you will have the best chance to get all of the vitamins and minerals you need. Taking Chlorella  is a good way to fill in any gaps. If you have any concerns of deficiency you can be tested for deficiency prior to taking any minerals. Contact Dr. Fred Schofield, at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, by calling 1-602-938-8868. Learn more about his practice at