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Exercise or Diet for Most Efficient Weight Loss?

Which is better: improving nutrition or sweating it out?
We have all been to the gym and seen people who work out daily, but never drop those extra pounds. So what is the answer to losing weight? Is reducing your calories better or running a few miles a day? Today’s blog reviews some research that may help you achieve your weight loss goals. In one study, a group with a high intensity exercise level was monitored for calories burned, calorie intake and metabolism. The results of the study were shocking. Dr. Fred Schofield in Northwest Phoenix at Atlas Chiropractic has helped hundreds of patients achieve their health, exercise and weight loss goals. Dr. Fred utilizes the latest research to get optimal results.

Effect of Exercise on Metabolism and Weight Loss
Dr. Fred has worked with Professional Body Builders for years and he has noticed one interesting fact. Body Builders do very little cardiovascular exercise, but instead spend hours researching nutrition. This research has revealed that as you exercise more, your body’s need for calories goes down. Your body actually goes into survival mode when you burn more than 500 calories. Most people think: if I run ten miles, I need to eat more because I burn off so many calories. But, the fact is, just the opposite is true. Your metabolism slows down.

Nutrition and its role in weight loss
The secret then, is to focus on high density nutrition loaded foods. Eat food that is packed with the most nutrition in the least amount of calories. This can be done easily by focusing on eating 80% organic raw vegetables, seeds and nuts. Also, you can eat 4 ounces of organic grass fed meat daily. Chicken and fish are the best. Slow cooked red meat is the second choice. And pork would be third. Organic Wuji Chorella is a great source of high density nutrition with little to no calories. If you are vegetarian you want to increase the amount of Organic Wuji Chorella you take. At higher levels Organic Wuji Chorella is a complete protein. Once your body is nutritionally satisfied, it will freely release fat and those unwanted pounds.

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