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Goals, Affirmations, Meditation and Health

Improving Health with Goals, Affirmations and Meditation

Recent studies have shown inflammation, caused by stress and diet, to be the major cause of heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and pain. If you follow the Standard American Diet and Lifestyle, this is the course you are on.  Atlas Chiropractic  has been telling patients for years, “if you do not have a plan for your health don’t worry, McDonald’s and Coke have one for you.” Today McDonald’s feeds more people everyday than anyone in the world, and next to water, the number one beverage is Coke. To be healthy you need to set a plan for yourself and your family.

Goals: The Road Map to Health

Successful people, in health and life, have written goals. Goals can be for your state of health, nutrition, cleansing, exercise, meditation, vacations and finances. The more specific your goals are the better. Remember to write down reading your goals three times a day as your number one goal. Start with writing your goals and dreams in a journal, then place them on a full 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper, then within 24 hours narrow that down to one side of a 3×5 card. Now carry that card with you and read it three times a day. After 30 days these goals become part of you and begin to happen.

Affirmations: Your Self Talk For Making Positive Things Happen

Create positive affirmations that support your goals. Similar to writing you goals, start with journaling, and then break them down to a 3×5 card. Use the other side of the 3×5 card you carry with you. Examples would be: I am healthy, I am prosperous, I am confident, I easily reach my goals. I am a great _____, spouse, parent, ect. Read these three times a day as well.

Meditation: Clear Your Mind On a Daily Basis

Today, more than ever, with smart phones, blue tooth car phones, and social media, meditation is essential. Spend time each day clearing your mind, doing meditation exercises, and praying. Examples are using a rosary, guided mediation, listening to a meditation tape, or simply repeating an affirmation. An example of a basic meditation is called “hum-so”. You sit Indian style with hands open. On your breath in you say to your self,”hum”. On the breath out you say,”so”. Try to only focus on those two words and allow thoughts to pass by unnoticed. Start with doing this 5-10 minutes per day. Your stress, blood pressure, and inflammation will reduce, and your health will increase.