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Health Equals Money Crisis vs. Prevention Health Care

If you lose your health you can never buy it back

With health care costs sky rocketing, many people equate medical expenses with health, Does health equal money or money equal health?  The average person is spending over 6,000 dollars a year on health, and Forbes magazine says the cost will quickly rise to 10,000 dollars per year.

Crisis Care: The most expensive type of health care

If you lose your health to the point where you are out of work, and need major surgery, this cost of lost work and healthcare can ruin your life, and there is no guarantee that you will fully recover. 50% of all bankruptcies are related to loss of health. Back surgery can cost between 50 and 200,000 dollars.

Preventive Health Care: An investment for YOU and YOUR Family

For much less than the average American spends on health care each year, YOU and YOUR entire family can be under a preventative health care program with your chiropractor. By maximizing the communication between your brain (the control center, or root system), and your body (the fruit), as well as focusing on your goals, environment, thoughts, and nutrition, YOU and YOUR family can take control of health, and avoid crisis care. Remember, it is what you do every day that counts, and health is a plan, not an accident.

Chlorella: The Little Green Miracle

A quarter of a century ago, Dr. Fred Schofield learned about the little green miracle:<a href="" > Chlorella. He was amazed by the dramatic results on health for such an economical product. For $1 dollar a day, you can promote whole food nutrition, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and alkalinity.

You, and Your Family’s Health Goals and Affirmations

Repeat, “I am healthy,” out loud three times, three times per day, and you will be!