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Health in a Modern World?

Part 1
No Time to Eat

It is a modern world we live in, and finding the balance between work and life seems to just get harder. Seemingly, every day we have more responsibilities, and more commitments to fulfill.
How many times have you wished for just a few more hours in the day?

As much as we may keep wishing, the truth remains that there are only 24 hours in each day, and we must figure out how to complete each task within that frame. But what do we devote most of our time to? If you are like most Americans today, you will spend at least 9-10 hours a day working for someone else. Those hours will be spent away from home and family, and may even include up to an extra 2 hours of travel time. In the end, we will spend a full half of our day in what is often a stressful environment,and none of this is much good for our bodies in the long run.

From the moment we get up, until the time we fall into bed, everything is a rush.
We begin to cut corners wherever we can, just to buy ourselves a little bit more time.
Quick solutions, may begin to look all too promising, and many of us may find our determination crumbling in the presence of instant gratification.

How often does your breakfast lunch or dinner come in a square frozen block or from a quick drive, through the nearest fast food restaurant?
The answer may be, “too often”.
Instead of refueling our bodies, to keep them going, we may end up poisoning or starving our bodies of nutrients instead. When we are running around too fast, we may stop paying attention to what we have fueled the body that allows us to do all this running around.

Do you know what is added and taken away from food, to keep it from changing color or texture, after it is frozen?
When a whole food (made of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber and water) is processed, the food goes through several modifications. For example fiber, water, and nutrients, are removed and/or concentrated. This changes the way these nutrients are digested by your body.
A diet full of processed foods has been found to lead to depression, memory loss, and mood swings. Processed foods have had their essential fatty acids striped and refined, until they become a substance that can starve your heart, hormones and brain. Processed meats have been linked with pancreatic, colorectal and stomach cancer, while a buildup of processed foods, can lead to infertility and malnutrition. As if this weren’t already bad enough, a cocktail of chemicals are then added to processed food, allowing them to stay “good” for what seems like forever.


The next time you feel too tired, or strapped for time, just remember that processed food is not really the quick choice it may appear to be. When you consider the time and effort you will spend, battling the effects of that quick and easy meal, perhaps you will find that a meal made from fresh ingredients is the bigger time saver in the end.

Chiropractic adjustment, allows any blocks (created by the buildup of toxins in processed foods) to drain away, and allow your body to flow together once again.

Dr. Fred Scofield at Atlas Chiropractic can help set your body upon a balanced and functioning path.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we take a look at the damages of sleep deprivation.