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“Hidden Secret” to Weight Loss and Health

The Simple Hidden Secret to Weight Loss and Health.
The number one cause of health degradation today is related to obesity. The hidden cause of obesity is also the hidden cause behind diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and kidney disease. Thus, the number one cause of death. Dr. Fred Schofield at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix has more than 25 years of experience in helping people apply these secrets to achieve their weight, health and fitness goals.

The Secret Lies in Our Past
Animals naturally pack on weight in the fall and drop weight in the spring. Science has shown that their Uric Acid level goes up during the fall and down during the spring. Uric Acid levels control weight gain, and is considered to be “The Fat Switch”. Man, at one time in our past, developed this same life saving trait upon our initial migration from Africa into Europe. The body adapted for survival to the cold northern European climate by packing on the pounds in the winter. Prior to migrating to Northern Europe our body also had the ability to produce its own Vitamin C.

Why the Fat Switch Never Turns Off
At some point, severe weather and drought caused man to migrate back to Africa. But, “The Fat Switch” stayed on, and our bodies lost the ability to produce our own Vitamin C.
Now we know that Vitamin C limits the ability of the body to convert a type of sugar known as Fructose to fat, and that our Uric Acid level can easily be raised within the standard American diet. Thus, in order to avoid obesity, close attention must be paid to what we put in our bodies.

SUGAR and things that convert sugar to FRUCTOSE cause FAT
A diet consisting of mainly low sugar vegetables and fruit with meat lacks the ability to produce FAT. 50% of all sugar eaten will change to FRUCTOSE in the body. Fructose is easily converted to fat. When you combine ripe fruit, which is high in fructose, with simple carbohydrates (bread, beer, processed food) the perfect storm for obesity is created. Beer with bar food equals fat on your body. Fat on your body equals diabetes, kidney, live and heart disease.

Turning OFF the FAT Switch and Turn on the HEALTH Switch
Eating fresh low sugar produce like greens, nuts, and seeds, eating the full color spectrum of vegetables, and grass feed meats, turns the FAT SWITCH OFF. Eating this way, even without exercise, will allow your body to lose FAT. Avoid all processed food!

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