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Hope for Adult Onset or Type 2 Diabetes

Adult Onset Diabetes: Once thought to require a lifetime of medication

Most people with adult onset or type two diabetes, assume they will be on medication for the rest of their lives. However, recent research, in England, would suggest that this is a reversible condition. It is the pancreas’ job to balance the sugar in the blood stream. Years of extreme stress and high calorie, low nutrition diets, can cause the pancreas to be stretched beyond its ability to adapt. Over time, it stops adapting to sugar levels properly. Most people are unaware, that even if they balance their blood sugar with medication, many of the symptoms of long term diabetes will still appear later in life. These symptoms can include blindness, numbness, slow healing wounds and amputation of infected limbs. Dr. Fred Schofield, at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix has 25 years of experience in drug free, blood sugar balancing.

Special Diet found to Wake up the Pancreas in 70% of those tested!

Patients in the study were placed on an extremely low calorie diet for several months. The main sources of food were high protein shakes and low sugar vegetables. 70% of patients found their blood sugar levels had returned to normal levels. Patients then returned to a normal diet and were monitored for 2 years. 90% of patients continued to have normal blood sugar levels two years later! Your body, in the right environment, has an incredible ability to heal and regenerate. At Atlas Chiropractic we also work on the nervous system control center of the pancreas.

Pancreas: Sympathetic and Para-Sympathetic Nerve System Control
The pancreas has both a Sympathetic and a Para-Sympathetic Nervous System Control. The shorter nerves (which exit the thoracic spine or mid back) control the pancreas in times of fear, anxiety and exercise. They tell your body to store sugar within the fatty parts of your body. In caveman days, this energy would have been conserved for when you did not know where your next meal would come from. The Para-Sympathetic or vagus nerve, exits the upper cervical or neck, and controls the pancreas in times of rest or healing. It signals your body to slowly use its sugar stores, to heal and regenerate normally over night, but also when you are relaxed during the day. If your spine is out of alignment, the signals for these activities can be crossed, resulting in increased or decreased blood sugar at the wrong times. There are many case studies of a patient’s blood sugar improving under Chiropractic care, but much more research needs to be done.
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