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“How My Chiropractor Knew I Suffered from Stomach Aches”

The Amazing secret of how my Chiropractor knew I suffered from Stomach Aches

 Over a hundred years ago, D.D. Palmer discovered Chiropractic. As he evaluated his patient’s spines and did case histories, he found that certain spinal segments related to certain organ functions. Later (with detailed cadaver studies), the direct pathways between nerves connected to the spine, and specific organs, were determined. From the nerve pathways and records of improved patient conditions following chiropractic adjustments, nerve charts were created. The Chiropractor could then suspect organ failure, if a spinal segment or spinal nerve was failing.

The Stomach is under direct nerve control of the 6th Thoracic Nerve

The stomach is under direct nerve control of the href="" >6th Thoracic Nerve. When the 6th Thoracic spinal segment or vertebrae, is out of alignment and interfering with the 6th Thoracic Nerve, stomach troubles, nervous stomach, indigestion, heartburn, dyspepsia, and mid-back pain, may result.

Old Time Chiropractors called the 6th Thoracic Vertebrae “The Stomach Place”

 Old time Chiropractors called the 6th Thoracic Vertebrae, “The Stomach Place” because, when they felt that the 6th Thoracic Vertebrae was interfering with the 6th Thoracic Nerve, the patient almost always had stomach trouble. That is how my Chiropractor could tell I was experiencing stomach aches.

 One Cause and One Cure: “How I was able to eat hot dogs and pizza at the baseball game again”

 It is very common for patient’s to tell Dr. Fred Schofield, that after starting regular Chiropractic care, their digestion has improved. Many times they will tell Dr. Fred that they had stopped eating hot dogs and pizza, because they would end up with intense indigestion afterward. Yet, after beginning regular Chiropractic adjustments with Atlas Chiropractic, they were able (for the first time in years), to enjoy a baseball game and eat hot dogs and pizza without any stomach pain!

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