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“How my toe got its color back, good bye Reynaud’s”

Many people suffer from color changes in the toes or RSD/Reynaud’s Disease
Thousands of people experience color changes in their toes, known as RSD or Reynaud’s Disease. RSD is an imbalance in the sympathetic nerve system, which creates color changes in the fingers and toes. Because the toes have lower blood flow than the fingers, the disease often shows up in those areas first. Dr. Fred Schofield, at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix,  has helped many people resolve this condition without drugs and surgery.

What is RSD or Reynaud’s Syndrome?
RSD or Reynaud’s is a dysfunction of the sympathetic nervous system. When it results in chronic pain, it may also be known as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. The sympathetic nervous system controls the vasomotor (blood supply), pilomotor (hair follicle muscles) and sudomotor (sweat glands). The sympathetic nervous system starts mainly in the mid-back or thoracic spine and also influences the cranial, cervical (neck), lumbar (low back), pelvis (hips) and sacral nerves (tailbone). Trauma, surgery and stress, are usually the cause of the damage or imbalance. Patients often have pain, combined with color changes in the fingers or toes, that cannot be explained by a traditional medical test.

“How can Chiropractic Help the Color come back to my toe?”
By correcting Vertebral Subluxations, Chiropractors can help improve the sympathetic nervous system function which controls the blood supply to the toes. A Vertebral Subluxation is when a bone is out of alignment with the bone above, below or both, that interferes with spinal nerve function and resulting in dis-ease. Thoracic Vertebral Subluxations, or mis-alignments, cause interference to the sympathetic nervous system and may change blood flow in the toes. A Chiropractic Adjustment restores normal alignment, allowing the sympathetic nerves to work and restoring normal blood flow to the toes.

A Case History of toe color restoration
A patient enters the clinic with low back and right leg pain; she also mentions that her small toes, on the right, have recently become blue and red for no apparent reason. She proceeds with a Chiropractic exam, x-rays and Adjustment. Upon the follow up visit, she notes improvement in her low back and leg pain, and shows the doctor her normal colored toe.

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