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How your Habits effect your Future Children’s Health

Epigenome– the one generation legacy of health for better or worse
We are all familiar with the fact that we each have a genetic blue print and we carry traits from each of our parents. But, did you know that genes are coated with epigenomes  and these epigenomes, can be altered in one lifetime. This means, we have some traits that are carried though us from generation to generation. However, our habits and life experiences can alter our epigenome and pass on to our children, our individual traits that were altered in our lifetime.

“If you are planning on getting pregnant; eat and take care of yourself like you already are” – Nutritional Consultant Susan Schofield

This ever expanding research shows us the choices we make on a daily basis not only effect our personal health, but will be carried on in our offspring. In the book “The Daniel Plan”, research is reviewed that demonstrates how the fatter we are, the smaller our brains are. The book has a holistic plan to improve your health through faith, those you spend time with, what you eat, your attitude and your focus. This plan shows you, that if you eat with the purpose of having more energy and functionality, a diet of high nutrition content food, combined with a purpose and support group, anything is possible. When your goal is to lose weight (so that your brain works better and to have a more productive life), losing the weight just happens because you are focused on being healthier. If you are planning on getting pregnant you should cleanse, eat right, think right and exercise, so you may have the healthiest eggs and body possible. If you start to eat right, think right and exercise after you are pregnant, it is too late. The fetus is already 5 weeks old and you decide to give up coffee, alcohol, white flour and sugar. Then the OB/GYN tells you to continue what exercise you have been doing, but not to start anything new. The only problem is, you have not been exercising.

“You never know how far reaching, something you think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” Developer of Chiropractic, Dr. BJ Palmer

The good news is, today is the first day of the rest of your life. You are in charge of your future. Make one change today and make it a habit to change your family tree. Go for a fifteen minute walk, switch one donut for one head of broccoli. D.D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic, had a vision. The vision was, that if every man, women and child, were under Chiropractic Care for their lifetime, the next generation would have less need of Chiropractic. He innately knew that what we say, think and do, make a change in us that can be handed down in within one generation.

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Find out more about epigenomes at the National Human Genome Research Institute.