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“I felt like I was having a Heart Attack, but all tests were negative” The link between Chiropractic, Nerves and the Heart

Patients may have chest pain, despite negative tests

Occasionally, a patient will come to Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix and explain to Dr. Fred Schofield that they are experiencing chest pain, yet all tests have come back negative. Sometimes patients may have even been admitted into the hospital for several days, only to be released and told that nothing is wrong. Yet the patient still has chest pain, radiating from their heart.

The Nerve Control of the Heart
The heart is controlled by the medulla or brain stem, the vagus nerve, and the second thoracic nerve. If the upper neck is out of alignment, it may interfere with brain stem and vagus nerve function. If the upper back is out of alignment, it may interfere with the second thoracic nerve.

Chest Pain Caused by Nerve Interference
Subtle nerve interference, in the medulla, vagus nerve, or second thoracic nerve, may cause chest pain. More advanced nerve interference may result in more severe heart dysfunction.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Healthy Heart Nerves
A healthy heart depends upon normal nerve flow to the heart. If these nerves are interfered with, dysfunction will result. Specific Chiropractic Adjustments remove the nerve interference, allowing the normal regulation of heart activity.

Case History of Resolution of Chest Pain with Negative Test
One patient had chest pain and was admitted to the hospital for 10 days. After monitoring and testing she was released, after being told they could find nothing wrong. She then went to the Chiropractor’s office and was evaluated and adjusted. After 2 weeks, all of her chest pain was resolved. She continued with preventive care to optimize her health.

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