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“I just have a Normal Headache” … is there such a thing as a normal headache?
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Millions of American’s suffer from headaches every day. They consider their headache to be normal. Sometimes the headache pain can be decreased with an aspirin. Is there such a thing as a normal headache? Pain is a sign that something is wrong. Pain is only normal as a warning sign.
By seeking out the cause of the headache not only can you feel better, but the headaches may not return and your health will improve.

Headaches Are A Sign That Something Is Wrong

Headaches are a symptom that something is wrong. The scary thing is that the pain is the last thing to show up. As blood flow is lost and damage to the brain and nervous system occurs there may be an absence of symptoms. When the body adapts to this lost brain blood flow and blood returns to the brain,
a headache is created. Thus, the pain may actually be caused by the body attempting to restore health. While cells are being damaged, there is no pain or headache. Either way, headaches are not normal.

The Danger of Covering Up Headache Symptoms

If the headache is caused by lost blood and nerve pressure, nerve cells are being damaged. Aspirin will just cover up the pain, but the brain cells will continue to be damaged. Also, aspirin can cause stroke, kidney failure, stomach ulcers, colon bleeding and generate scar tissue. It is better to get to the source.

Headaches and the Upper Cervical Spine

The upper cervical spine, consisting of the skull (occiput), the top bone of the neck (C1,atlas), and the second bone of the neck (C2, axis), houses the brain stem. The upper neck and brain stem is considered the control center of the brain. If the upper neck is misaligned, pressure, lost blood and nerve flow change brain function. This change in brain function may cause a headache. Think of your spinal cord as a garden hose, and the misaligned bones of the neck as a rock on the hose and the brain as the garden.

Drug – Free Help For Headache Suffers- The Magic of the Upper Cervical Adjustment

A specific upper cervical adjustment takes the rock out of the hose allowing the flow to create a healthy garden. Now normal function has been restored and the cause of the headache removed.

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