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Is It Normal to Get Sick? Does Everyone Get Sick?

The Average American expects to get sick every year! Is this normal?

The average American expects, and does get sick every year. Is it normal to get sick? Does everyone get sick? Remember, not all symptoms are a sign of sickness; some are a sign of health.

The Average American Gets Sick and Misses Work Every Year

The average American misses over 4 days per week every year, at a cost of 153 billion dollars to the U.S. economy. At Atlas Chiropractic, sickness is defined as your internal resistance being overcome by external force. This overwhelming stress stops your body from working correctly; resulting in sickness and disease. Thus, it is not normal to get sick. Sickness is a result of your body not working properly.

Sickness verses Symptoms

Sickness is a pattern that the body is not regenerating properly, resulting in a loss of function, and repeated health crises, sickness, loss of school, and work. Symptoms can be temporary pain, fever, coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, etc.; anything related to the body responding to external stress. A healthy symptom response is normal, and is part of health. Healthy symptoms develop a healthy body, resulting in less sickness and disease in the long term, and maximized health.

Maximizing Your Internal Resistance

The better each individual cell in your body can adapt to the environment, and resist external stress, the healthier the cell will be. Healthy cells create healthy organs, which create a healthy body. To be healthy, each cell requires a nerve flow, fuel supply, and activation. Specific Chiropractic insures proper nerve flow. Whole food nutrition insures proper fuel supply (lots of organic fresh green food), and exercises/life purpose insures activation of the cell.