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Is Your Health Normal or Average? What is the Difference?

In America and around the World today Normal Health and Average Health are Different

Is your health normal or average? What is the difference between normal and average health? Today normal health and average health are two different things. At Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, Dr. Fred Schofield strives for all OF his patients to move toward optimal health.

Read more on the Western diet to discover that how normal health verses average is the key to optimal health.

What is Average Spinal and Dietary Health? Is it normal or optimal?
If you take a look at most people, their spinal function and diet is average. Let’s take a closer look at the spine first. Science has proven that normal spinal motion, alignment and posture create the best environment for optimal (normal) health. Normal or optimal spinal function, gives the brain the best chance to communicate with the body, through the spinal cord and nerves, to maintain health. Most Americans have been subjected to multiple spinal traumas and poor postural habits, which lead to abnormal spinal function. This abnormal spinal function interferes with the nervous system, resulting in a state of dis-ease and a loss of health. These spinal traumas can come from birth trauma, how the child is held as an infant, falls while learning to walk, learning to walk too soon, whiplash from sports or auto accidents, etc. The average adult will experience six auto accidents within their lifetime. Thus, just because the average American may have poor spinal function it does not mean that this level of spinal function is normal. It does mean however, that Chiropractic care can contribute to the improved health of a person, and family, or perhaps go on to improve a town and a country.

SAD (Standard American Diet)
The Standard American Diet (SAD) is made of the average types of food consumed by most Americans every day. Not surprisingly, these are also the food choices marketed to Americans by huge corporations. SAD can result in obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer etc. In the U.S., average would be defined as eating at Mc Donald’s three times per week. Mc Donald’s is the number one provider of food to the world today. Coke is the second most consumed beverage in the world. SAD means consuming processed food, and packaged food, which come with pesticides, anti-biotics and hormones. Our bodies are starving for nutrition while we gain weight and develop disease because of this average diet. The optimal diet provides the nutrients needed for normal/optimal function in the body. An optimal diet includes fresh raw organic vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, some fruit, and grass feed free range animal meats. Not hormones, anti-biotics, pesticides or preservatives in the food or animal feed. Optimal/normal nutrition equals optimal or normal health.

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