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Keep Arthritis from keeping YOU Down

Preventing Arthritis is the key
Like many dis-eases, prevention is the key to treatment. However, once you are in pain there are many options to stay active. Maintaining joint alignment and motion, will prevent joint degeneration and inflammation. Chiropractors are those who are best trained to evaluate and care for this condition. Dr. Fred Schofield at Atlas Chiropractic has helped thousands of patients live better lives with arthritis. Think of arthritis like a car tire. A car in alignment gets better mileage and the tires last a much longer time, where as a car out of alignment uses extra energy and the tires wear out quickly.

Managing YOUR Weight reduces risk of arthritis
By losing extra weight, stress on your spine, knees and other joints is reduced. If you are out of alignment and gain weight, the misalignment will increase, thereby increasing your arthritis pain. Much like when a bent nail is hammered, it will only bend more. By decreasing your weight stress, the misalignment is reduced. Dr. Fred Schofield has self-motivated many patients to change their bodies into a healthier state.

Healthy Food Choices may prevent arthritis
Many healthy food choices may prevent arthritis. Fatty acid supplements, deep sea fish, turmeric, ginger, nettle leaf extract, avocados as well as a vegetarian or low allergen diet, reduces pain and inflammation. Eating too many other foods like red meat, white flour, sugar and dairy may increase pain, inflammation, and arthritis.

Exercise may reduce your risk of arthritis
Range of motion, stretching, strengthening, aerobic or endurance exercises, walking, bicycling and swimming, are all good for preventing arthritis. The key is for your spine to be in balance prior to the activity. These exercises should be done daily up to three times per week for at least 20-30 minutes. If you already have pain from arthritis, you may need to modify your activities. Dr. Fred Schofield can provide you with specific exercises that will be the best for your body.

Consultation for the Care and Prevention of Arthritis
Dr. Fred Schofield has helped thousands of patients in the care and prevention of arthritis. Along with evaluating the balance of your spine and nervous system he offers nutritional, exercise and lifestyle advice. Dr. Fred has been serving Northwest Phoenix for 30 years. Call today at 602-938-8868 or log on to to find out about our new patient specials.

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