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Low Back Pain Relief and Correction- “The Personal Trainer Analogy”
Find PEMF therapy in Arizona to help with chronic pain.

Changing your low back pain and the GYM Analogy
Changing, and then maintaining, your spine is comparable to changing your body appearance and muscles with a personal trainer.
Suppose you wanted to lose 30 pounds in a few months. You decide to hire a personal trainer and join a gym. Your trainer puts you on a supervised exercise workout, an aerobic conditioning regimen and a special nutrition plan. After 120 days you reach your goal. You’ve not only lost all the weight but you feel better than you have in years. Now what?

Resolving your back pain, GYM make over comparison
Your back pain led you to the Chiropractor to get relief. You received specific adjustments to take the pressure off the nerves. Your pain decreased. The Chiropractor continued to work on changing your physiology and posture, toward optimal function. Now you can walk long distances, sit for prolonged periods, bend and lift. You may even be running and playing tennis again. Some of you may have noticed chronic health problems, such as sinus infections, constipation and asthma disappearing. Your spine and nervous system are working better than they have in years. Now what?

Now You are at Junction, You have Two Choices
You could deviate from everything you did to improve your health and vitality. But what do you think will happen if you fire your personal trainer, quit exercising and stop eating wisely?

Your other choice is to remain on the same track and continue to do everything you did to lose the weight, and even add additional strategies to improve your fitness.

Maintain Your Gain and Prevent Low Back Pain from returning
Dr. Fred Schofield has had thousands of patients resolve lower back pain who then continue to improve their health. “It is very exciting when a 60 year old comes in with a walker she has had to use for years, and after Chiropractic care is able to walk without pain or limitations. But, when you see that same patient 20 years later and she is still walking pain free without a walker; now that is exciting.”

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