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Make Weight Loss Easier by Understanding the “Fat Switch”

Fructose, or Sugar from Fruit, drives Obesity

Sugar, for years, has been known to be related to lower immune function, diabetes and swings in energy levels. Recently, scientists have found fructose, or sugar from fruit, to flip a “switch” that makes it very hard to lose weight. Dr. Fred Schofield at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix has spent over 25 years studying nutrition, peak performance and weight loss. After reading this article he can review your nutrition on a one on one basis if you feel like you need help in this area.

Sugar and the Immune System
During the polio epidemic, a scientist with the North Carolina Department of Health noticed that there was an increase of polio in the summer. Although most people thought this increase was from people swimming together in pools and lakes, he thought increased sugar consumption in sodas and ice cream lowered the function of the immune system, making it easier for the polio virus to strike. He created a state wide campaign to reduce the usage of sugar the very next summer. As he had theorized, the number of polio cases proved to be greatly reduced from the previous year. However, the year after that, the Sugar and Dairy Council discontinued his promotion and the polio rate returned to the same level as the previous summer. Today, the immune system, the function of the pancreas and weight gain, is all considered to be linked.

Why should you stay away from Fructose and Sugar?

The “Fat Switch” has to do with your liver. The liver stores fat. When you eat sugar, mostly sugar from fruit (fruit contains a sugar called fructose) the liver stores more fat and does not allow you to burn the fat you already have. Fructose can only be used minimally for energy because extra fructose is turned into fat. If you wake up in the morning and have a glass of orange juice (which contains a high level of fructose) you are more likely to gain weight that day. Most store bought juices also have additional high fructose corn syrup added to them. By simply replacing your morning juice with water or fresh low sugar vegetable juice (50% kale or spinach) your body will be able to freely release fat. Grapefruit, limes and lemons are an exception as they have very low fructose content.

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