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MD’s try to stop ABC from hiring Actress due to “View’s” on Natural Health

MD’s and former first lady, try to stop ABC from hiring Natural Health advocate

ABC was recently attacked for hiring actress and advocate, Jenny McCarthy to host the day time show the “View”.  McCarthy, after having her son diagnosed with autism, caused by a vaccine, has become an advocate for non-vaccination and natural health. Former First Lady Roslyn Carter and many Medical Doctors pressured ABC to change their mind on hiring McCarthy. Carter and the MD’s went as far to say McCarthy had personally caused children to die as a result of the information in her books. McCarthy has many supporters that claim the information she provides, has helped them heal autism and prevent it in others.

In the 1950’s Chiropractors were jailed for standing up for Natural Health
In the 1950’s many Chiropractors were jailed for practicing Natural Health Care. Although Chiropractic was a separate and distinct profession, based on healing by aligning the segments of the spine with the hand (thereby allowing the body to heal its self) Major Medicine claimed Chiropractors were practicing Medicine without a license. Many Chiropractors went to jail for a year, just for practicing Chiropractic. The overwhelming support shown by patients is the sole reason Chiropractic made it through this tough time.

Consider a Chiropractor as your Natural Health Primary Provider
Chiropractors are licensed as Primary Health Care Providers. Your body is a self healing organism. The Chiropractic adjustment keeps the spine in alignment, allowing you and your family to get and stay healthy. Chiropractic patients tend to have a higher health score, while also taking less medication than most people.

Celebrate your Right to Chose the type of Health Care YOU want
Atlas Chiropractic and Dr. Fred Schofield appreciate, and are honored to serve every patient we see. We understand, that just as McCarthy and Chiropractors of the past had to fight for the right to have natural health care, many of you do as well. All of our patients made a choice to call our office, and we thank YOU!

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Learn more about how<a href="" > McCarthy’s view on vaccines stirs ‘View’ controversy at USA Today.