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Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Headaches and The Broken Bone Analogy

Sam fell and severely fractured his arm. He was driven to the emergency room where the doctor examined and x-rayed him. Determining that the arm was broken, the doctor put his arm in a cast, in a position for it to heal. In a few days, Sam felt much better. He telephoned the doctor to ask if he could come in and have the cast removed. The doctor laughed at him.

Why did the doctor laugh at SAM’s question?
The doctor knew that it can take a simple arm fracture at least 1-2 months to heal, whereas a complicated fracture could take 3-5 months to heal. During this time, a cast must remain on the arm, until the new bones cells have been created and have been mended from the fracture. Sam did not think it was funny that the doctor was laughing at his question. The doctor could not believe that anyone might think that a fracture could completely heal in a few days. The doctor explained to Sam, that healing takes time and gave him an appointment to be re-x-rayed in five weeks. Five weeks later, the new x-ray showed the fracture was healed and Sam’s cast was removed. Do you think Sam was able to return to work the next day as a professional baseball pitcher? Sam required several weeks of rehab to strengthen and stabilize his arm before he was functioning at 100% and able to return to pitching.

How your neck pain, low back pain and headaches relate to the broken bone analogy
At Atlas Chiropractic, Dr. Fred Schofield’s first goal is to get you out of pain as soon as possible. The second goal, is to stabilize your physiology and remove the cause of the problem (spinal misalignment=putting pressure on nerves, like a hose blocked by a rock) so that the pain does not return. When your neck pain, low back pain and headaches go away, the underlying misalignment causing the pinched nerve is still there. Corrective or rehabilitative care, stabilizes your physiology and allows the nervous system to function optimally (keeps the rock off of the hose, so the garden can grow) . Now you can return to your everyday challenging life without the worry of a relapse. There is nothing worse than working hard to get out of pain, just to have the problem come right back.

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Dr. Fred Schofield has helped thousands of Northwest Phoenix residents get out of pain and stay out of pain. He also enjoys seeing patients maintain a high level of function. Whether you play for the Cardinals, Diamondbacks or Coyotes or just want to go for long walks, play golf or tennis, an optimal functioning nervous system will help you achieve your goals. To learn about our new patient special call 1-602-938-8868 or log on to .