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Newborns and Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Newborns may have a specific need for upper cervical chiropractic

Even a safe natural home birth can be the most traumatic event of our lives. This physical nature of the delivery is designed to stimulate the baby to wake up, breathe, digest, and nurse. Books such as, Birth Without Violence, help to teach the family to make this event a loving and positive experience.

The Atlas, or First (Top) Cervical Vertebrae, is the Fuse Box

The top bone in the neck, also known as the first cervical vertebrae, or atlas, is considered the fuse of the spine. Consider it like the fuse in your fuse box at home; when the circuit is over stressed there is one fuse that always seems to pop. The Atlas is designed differently, and this allows for it to get out of position, especially during child birth. While the other vertebrae sit on a disc and are tightly held in place by muscles this is not the case with the Atlas. So, during the stress of child birth this 3 ounce bone can easily slide out of position.

The Health Impact of an Atlas Subluxation at Birth

The brain stem is protected by the Atlas. Thus, if the Atlas misaligns, or subluxates, interference to the body’s nervous system is created. Newborns may have symptoms such as colic, failure to thrive, lack of bowl movements, failure to latch on with nursing, and torticollis. Torticollis is an obvious fixation of the head turned to one side, and rotated to the other. Perhaps no obvious symptoms maybe present, only to show up as various health issues later in life.

The Benefit of an Upper Cervical Adjustment on a Atlas Subluxation

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a specific analysis, and correction of the upper cervical spine. The pressure of the adjustment is only a few ounces, and is perfect for the immature spine and nervous system of a newborn and infant. The system detects the specific degree and direction of misalignment of the Atlas, called a Subluxation. And then a gentle pressure is applied to restore normal alignment. With restored function the body is able to heal itself.