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NFL Players trade Painkillers for Future Suffering

“How many of us take painkillers to get through work and later pay with the price of lost health?”

NFL players have a long history of taking painkillers in order to continue playing football. Players, such as current broadcaster Marcus Wiley, may take Vioxx and Toradol on a regular basis. Now, at 39 years old, Marcus has been diagnosed with Kidney failure. This raises the question: how many NFL games are worth a kidney? Bloomberg Magazine explores this very question. Dr. Fred Schofield at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix understands the importance of getting to the cause of the pain without the use of drugs.

Pain is your body’s warning system the something is Wrong

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. In the first phase of declining health (dis-ease), there is no pain and the body experiences no symptoms. Instead, tissue is destroyed in the absence of symptoms. The problem in this state can be reversible. In the second phase of declining health, you are aware of the problem because you notice pain or symptoms. The pain or symptoms can be your body’s way of telling you to stop what you are doing and do something different. The last phase of declined health is cell, tissue and organ death.
Once you are diagnosed it is too late for prevention!

Marcus Wiley covered up the pain for years. Meanwhile he was unknowingly destroying his kidney. Once he was diagnosed with kidney failure, no amount of prevention could give him a new kidney.

Chiropractic Corrects the Cause of Dis-Ease without Drugs

Chiropractic works on correcting imbalance or dis-ease in the body prior to full disease state or organ failure. Although Chiropractic is very effective in relieving pain, the true benefit of Chiropractic is to enable you to maintain health without drugs for a lifetime. Dr. Fred Schofield has 25 years of experience helping thousands to live pain free by restoring balance to the body naturally. Call Atlas Chiropractic at 1-602-938-8868 to see Dr. Fred today! Or log on to