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Pain Relief for Lower Legs, Ankles, and Feet

Relief of Lower Leg Pain, Ankle Pain and Foot Pain

It is amazing how the medical diagnosis and treatment of lower leg, ankle and foot pain, commonly misses one of the simplest causes. Read for yourself the medical approach to these conditions.
One of the most stunning things found, is that while an X-Ray of the painful area is recommended, an x-ray of the neck or lower back is not. Dr. Fred Schofield, of Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, will be sure to do a holistic exam to help you treat the cause of your problem not just the symptom. Treating the symptom only allows for the problem to keep coming back.

The 5th Lumbar nerve controls the Lower Legs, Ankle and Feet

The 5th lumbar nerve controls the lower legs, ankle and feet. Symptoms commonly experienced with 5th lumber nerve interference, are weakness, cramps, and poor circulation in the legs and, swollen ankles, cold feet, pain/numbness in the legs and feet.

Spinal Cord Pressure in the Neck could be the root cause of Leg, Ankle and Foot Pain

We all understand that if you break your neck, your feet may stop working. Remember the story of Superman: Christopher Reeves fractured his neck, and then he could not walk. Well, if your neck bones are out of alignment, they can cause interference with the spinal cord. Although not as severe as a neck fracture, loss of function in the leg, ankle and foot may occur.

“Why should I get an x-ray of my neck and lower back with leg, ankle and foot pain?”

X-rays of the neck and lower back, allow the Chiropractor to evaluate the alignment of the segments for specific nerve pressure. Nerve pressure in the neck or lower back, may cause leg, ankle and foot pain.

Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot Pain Relief with Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Fred Schofield at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix has helped hundreds of patients with lower leg, ankle and foot pain.

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