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Polyneuropathy, And The Chiropractic Approach

Polyneuropathy Diagnosis, Cause, Cure and Chiropractic
Polyneuropathy is characterized by damage to multiple nerves, in roughly the same areas, on both sides of the body; causing weakness, numbness, pins, and needles and burning pain. It may start in the hands and feet, and may continue to the arms and legs (and sometimes to other parts of the body), where it may affect the autonomic nervous system. It can come on suddenly (acute), or slowly (chronic). Dr. Fred Schofield, at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, finds that polyneuropathy is a very common diagnosis today, and doctors cannot figure out what is going on. Many polyneuropathy sufferers have been told there is no hope. They have been told that their options are to take medication to help with the symptoms, or to just live with it.

Cause of Polyneuropathy
All nerves require two things to stay alive: fuel and activation. Fuel comes from your body delivering the energy acquired from food and oxygen, through the blood stream to the nerve cells. Activation comes from the electric connection between the brain and the nerve cell being used. If there is interference with the normal nerve transmission, or we do not use the pathway, then the nerve cell will die. The fingers and toes are the furthest from the brain and the smallest of nerves, thus symptoms usually show up in these areas first.

Chiropractic and the Holistic Approach to Polyneuropathy
The answer is simple when you go to the cause. Remove all of the nerve interference caused by bones being out of place. This is done by a Chiropractic Exam, X-Ray (if needed) and a Chiropractic Adjustment (if needed), to restore normal nerve flow. Second, get a nutritional consultation to insure you are getting proper fuel for your nerve cells. Third, evaluate and restore breathing mechanics. Chiropractic Adjustments may be needed for the skull bones, atlas, ribs, thoracic-lumbar junction, pelvis and sacrum, to insure proper breathing. Lastly, through exercise, YOU need to ask the brain to send the signals to the fingers and toes. Then, the fingers and toes need to talk back to the brain; following the safety pin cycle of health (what you put into your body and life, you will get out of your body and life).

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