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Prevent colds and the flu with chiropractic.

Preventing Cold and Flu with Chiropractic Care

As the winter months are moving in to Northwest Phoenix the flu is sure to follow. The cause of the cold and flu is a loss of our body’s ability to adapt to the environment. This adaption or homeostatis is controlled and coordinated by the central nervous system (CNS). When the CNS is fully functioning, this ability to adapt can overcome outside stresses and keep us healthy. When it cannot keep up, overwhelming stress is like a power surge on a breaker switch. The increased demand causes the breaker to flip. The flip in your body is the spinal segments being pulled out of alignment. When your breaker goes off the power goes off in your house. When the spinal segments go out of alignment communication between your brain and your tissues is lost. Now with the CNS not fully functional your ability to resist the cold is lost.

Winter Stress can cause CNS pressure, headaches, neck pain and back pain

The hypothalamus at the base of brain regulates the bodies temperature. When those with interference to the CNS, elderly or infant with immature CNS are subjected to extreme changes in weather the hypothalamus is challenged. When spinal misalignments are present there is interference to the function of the hypothalamus, your bodies ability to adapt to temperature is lost. This adaption to internal temperature is something individuals are completely unaware off. Meaning it happens innately with out you thinking about it. When it works and it gets cold you put on a jacket, turn up the house thermometer and your body also turns up its own internal thermometer the glandular system. Your immune system is kept functioning at a high level and you adapt to any virus’ or bacteria.

In the presence of interference to the CNS a low functioning hypothalamus prevents regulation of temperature, alerting you to protect yourself and decreases immune function. Now the spinal segments are stressed, bones are pulled out of place, the breaker switch is in the off position. The resulting interference can cause headaches, neck pain, back pain, cold and flu.

Chiropractic Adjustment Reduces CNS Interference

When the weather turns cold in Northwest Phoenix stress can arise with the holiday season, chiropractic adjustment can restore your body’s breaker switch and allow you to adapt to the environment keeping you free of pain and disease. Upon your visit to a Northwest Phoenix Chiropractor typically you can expect a thorough Consultation and Chiropractic Exam to assess if you have a subluxation in your spine causing your problems. A subluxation is when a bone in your spine is out of alignment.