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Recent Research Shows Chiropractic to be More Effective than Back Surgery

Chiropractic is more effective than back surgery

A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle showed that Chiropractic has been found to be more effective than back surgery. The research showed that if patients went to the surgeon first, 42% ended up having surgery. However, if patients went to the Chiropractor first, only 1.5% ended up having surgery. Dr. Fred Schofield, at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix prides himself in helping patients avoid surgery. The research went on to show, that if all of the patients had gone to the Chiropractor first, there would have been a 96% saving in costs!

Why is Chiropractic more effective than back surgery?
The article goes on to explain why Chiropractic is more effective than back surgery, “Chiropractic care often successfully treats lower back pain when other methods fail, because it focuses on realigning the spine while increasing movement through the normal joint function. This reduces tensions on the muscles and ligaments while reducing the nerve irritation and inflammation that leads to pain.”

The Benefits of Chiropractic helping YOU avoid back surgery
The benefits of Chiropractic helping patients avoid back surgery are also discussed. Patients are found to be “extremely satisfied” that their chronic back pain has been conquered without surgery. Chiropractic care, allowed them to “regain their health” so they could enjoy their “favorite sports, enjoy their hobbies, and other aspects of their lives that they had previously given up because of their pack pain” Nothing is more satisfying to Dr. Fred Schofield than to see people get their life back with Chiropractic care.

The Story of how Dr. Fred avoided back surgery with Chiropractic
As a young man in South Africa, Dr. Fred suffered from severe back pain. His father, being a Medical doctor, was ready to have Dr. Fred undergo surgery. While Dr. Fred was persisting through the pain on a rugby tour, one of his teammate’s had just graduated from Chiropractic College. Dr. Fred’s teammate said, “I can help you”. Dr. Fred got adjusted, his pain left and his function returned. He went on to play professional rugby and win a National Championship. He was so happy with the results of Chiropractic care that he became a Chiropractor, and now Atlas Chiropractic has been serving Northwest Phoenix since 1981!

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