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Research Shows Chiropractic is the most effective care for Low Back Pain
Non invasive spine care in scottsdale az can help with chronic back pain.

Studies find Chiropractic Resolves Low Back Pain faster than other treatments

A review of the medical literature supports that chiropractic is the most effective treatment for acute and chronic low back pain.  Nothing excites Dr. Fred Schofield more than a “hot” low back. People have been known to crawl or be wheeled in with a “slipped disc” and walk out smiling. The research shows that in comparison to all other forms of healthcare: physical therapy, drugs, surgery and acupuncture, chiropractic held the highest levels of patient satisfaction.

Why does Chiropractic Work for Low Back Pain?

When the bones of your spine get out of alignment, they can interfere with normal nerve transmission and cause low back pain. This nerve interference is called a subluxation. You could compare it to getting a bad connection with your cell phone. If you were to hear every other word, while someone gave you directions, you could end up in New York instead of Chicago. Ending up in the wrong place causes PAIN! If your spine is out of alignment and causing “PINCHED NERVES”, low back pain will result. Chiropractic removes nerve interference by re-aligning the spine; allowing the body to heal itself. Once in alignment, the signal tower (of the body) is at full strength. All the healing nerve messages are now sending their signals properly and you are out of PAIN!

Why is Chiropractic Rated Number One for Low Back Pain?

If a muscle is cut and the nerve is healthy, the muscle will heal. If the nerve is cut then the muscle will not heal, no matter what you do to the muscle. Atlas Chiropractic and Dr. Fred Schofield, focus on nerve health and the cause – which allows the body to heal. Many other treatments focus on the symptoms, therefor the problem continues. Exercise a muscle with improper nerve flow and the pain will continue.

Chiropractic: Low Back Pain Evaluation and Consultation

If you or someone you know is suffering from low back pain, tell them to log on to for our new patient special. Dr. Fred Schofield is ready to conduct a complete exam and consultation to determine if chiropractic can help. Call our northwest Phoenix office today at 602-938-8868.