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Role of the Law of Intention in Health Care

What is the role of the Law of Intent in Health Care?

Does the intention of the doctor and the patient make a difference in health care? For example, if the doctor’s mind is on his golf game and the child (patient) does not want to go to school, how much healing is happening?

The Law of Intention: The Magnifying Glass of Results
For years Dr. Fred Schofield, at Atlas Chiropractic, has told his patients “what you think about, you bring about “. You will hear him running around the clinic asking his patients “what do you want?”. Dr. Fred has a good understanding of the Law of Intent and the role it can play in health care. When the patient has a clear picture of the results they want: being out of pain, being able to play golf, being able to travel in later years, being able to play with their grand kids, living at a high level without drugs and surgery, it can create a laser beam focus to health. When you combine a patient that knows what they want, with a results orientated Chiropractor like Dr. Fred Schofield, then you have a magnifying glass for results!

The New Patient Consultation “What do you want?”

Dr. Fred takes the time to find out exactly what results you are looking for. He will perform a detailed history, consultation and exam. By the end of the second visit he knows what you are looking for and if he feels he can help you, he will develop a personal plan for you and him to work together to get optimal results for YOU!

Call for a New Patient Consultation Today!

Call for a one on one new patient consultation today with Dr. Fred Schofield. Dr. Fred has over 25 years of experience serving Northwest Phoenix. The number is 1-602-938-8868. If you want to learn more about Dr. Fred and Atlas Chiropractic log on to