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School Scoliosis Screening the “Too Late Test”

Positive School Scoliosis Screenings May Come Too Late

Many school districts in America perform scoliosis screening with the intention of preventing scoliosis surgery through early detection. But, research has shown that of the 8% of children that have a positive scoliosis screening 56% of them show a Cobb angle of more than 40 degrees. A Cobb angle is the front view spinal measurement on an x-ray to determine the progression of scoliosis. A measurement of 40% or more indicates that surgical intervention of the spine is recommended. Thus, the school scoliosis screening is also known as the “Too Late Test” because over half of those with a positive test end up having surgery.

Preventing Birth Trauma: The Importance of Pregnancy Chiropractic

Studies have shown that women under Chiropractic Care have less pain with delivery, shorter delivery times, and less trauma to the newborn. The earliest subluxation or misalignment of the spine can cause nerve interference in the upper cervical spine (occiput, atlas and axis ) after birth. Pulling and twisting the newborn’s head and shoulders can easily cause the first misalignment. Remember that a C-Section does not prevent trauma to the newborn at birth. Appliances are commonly used in C-Sections just as they are in vaginal birth to pull the baby out. A natural home birth with a mid-wife followed by a Chiropractic post natal check up will get your new born off on the straight path. Mid wives have a goal of not pulling the baby at delivery at all. Remember what grandma said “when the apple is ripe is will fall from the tree” and “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Age 10-12 A Critical Time to Have a Scoliosis Exam and X-Ray

At age 12 and up more girls than boys have scoliosis. At age 10 an equal amount of boys and girls have scoliosis. By age 12 only 1in 5 boys have scoliosis. Meaning, the progression of scoliosis usually takes place between the ages of 10 and 12. The only true way to monitor a child for scoliosis is with an x-ray. Smaller curves are easier to correct than larger ones. Screening x-rays at these ages allow parents and the Chiropractor to monitor the health of the child’s spine proactively rather than being surprised by a post school screening x-ray and told their child needs scoliosis surgery.