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Scoliosis, Chiropractic and YOUR Child’s Health

It has been shown, that up to 30% of the population today has some form of scoliosis. Scoliosis usually progresses between the ages of 10-14 and is more common in girls. While sometimes there is a family history of scoliosis, the best cure of scoliosis is prevention. Today we will review the potential causes and cures of scoliosis. Dr. Fred Schofield, at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, has helped hundreds of families insure scoliosis does not limit their health.

The Ideal Spinal Model
Normal spinal function, motion and position, allow for ideal spinal form. From the front, the spine should be straight up and down. The eyes, ears, shoulders and hips should be level. The nose, chin, center of the chest and pelvis, should create a straight line; down to the middle of the space between the feet. From the side view, the ear, shoulders, hips and feet, should all make a vertical line. The neck and lower back should curve forward and the mid back should curve backward. Each segment of the spine or vertebrae has a normal motion which allows freedom of movement for the whole spine. This ideal spine allows for maximum nerve flow and limits nerve interference and spinal degeneration.

Potential Causes of Scoliosis
Birth trauma, falls as a kid and poor postural habits can be the very beginning of scoliosis. Birth trauma commonly misaligns the top bone in the neck called the atlas. Your body’s postural control center is located in this part of the nervous system. Therefore, this communication blockage in the upper neck may cause scoliosis. As an infant learns to lift their head on their stomach, they develop the normal curve in the side of the neck. If this curve does not develop prior to sitting up, the spine will buckle to the side. When the infant learns to crawl, the low back forward curve is developed. These two forward curves must be present prior to the baby learning to walk. Early walking without these curves can result in scoliosis.

Progressive Scoliosis
At ages 10-14 scoliosis may progress very rapidly. The frequency of spinal x-rays during this time may need to increase, in order to monitor the curvature. Prevention, along with spinal health is the key to avoiding surgery. Once you have surgery, you can never go back.

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