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Sprouts: A Simple Way to Start Organic Farming At Home

Growing sprouts at home is a simple way to start organic farming

Dr. Fred Schofield, at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, has been encouraging his patients to eat an 80% raw, organic, vegetable family food plan, for years. These days, more and more organic produce comes from further and further away. Every day that it takes food to travel to your refrigerator, vital nutrients are lost. How can YOU take action to reverse this trend and insure health for YOU and YOUR family? The answer is to start growing sprouts in Your own kitchen.

Why home grown Sprouts are one of the most Nutrient Dense Foods on Earth

Plants that are grown at home are totally in your own control. YOU know there are no pesticides or herbicides used. Sprouts can generate a tremendous amount of energy. A seed is being transformed into a plant right before YOUR eyes. When YOU eat the sprouts during this growth phase, you are getting 30 times the nutrients of organic vegetables. Instead of eating produce that has been out of the ground for 2 weeks and placed on a truck, plane or boat, YOU will be eating food at its energy source peak.

Starting Sprouts in YOUR Kitchen

First, buy a sprouting jar at YOUR local health food store. Buy organic sprouting seeds. Buy seeds that sprout into greens instead of bean sprouts. Greens are more nutritious than beans, and beans are not a part of natural gut digestion. Beans tend to cause tearing and inflammation of the gut, which may result in leaky gut syndrome and many allergic conditions. A simple three part sprouting mix of alfalfa, radish and broccoli seeds will create some of the most powerful super foods on the planet. Soak the seeds overnight. Then, three times per day, rinse out the sprouting jar, through a mesh lid. Position the jar at a 45 degree angle to let water out and air in. Repeat the rinsing for three days, and like magic, YOU will have live super foods in your kitchen.

A Favorite Sprout Recipe – Collard Wrap

Once your sprouts have grown, wrap them in a raw collard leaf with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and avocado. This collard wrap can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This meal is both tasty and filling. Best of all, YOU will fuel YOUR body with hours of energy!
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