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Summer, Swim Suits and Scoliosis

Summer time is Discover Scoliosis Time
During the winter and school months we tend to spend our time covered up and focused on school and extracurricular activities. When summer hits it is time for the beach and the pool. Children the ages of 10-14 and even 8-16 may undergo drastic changes to their bodies during the school year.

Dr. Fred Schofield at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix recommends having periodic spinal check ups to keep an eye on kid’s growing spines. As a twig grows, so grows the tree.

The Beach and Pool Are Considered Scoliosis Discovery Zones

When you are at the beach and pool with family and friends you have time to decompress. This sometimes gives you a chance to look at things with a fresh set of eyes. As you are watching the kids play you may notice the spinal imbalance. As the kids are building a sand castle, if they are seated in front of you, you may notice the swim trunks are high on one side, or that the shoulder blade is sticking out on one side more than the other. One shoulder or ear may be higher than the other. If your child is walking away from you, you may notice a low hip with a gap between the arm and the chest. When they bend over to pick up the football you may see a hump on one side of the rib cage. All these are indications of spinal imbalance and potential scoliosis.

Why Patch the Roof When It’s Not Raining?

You may be wondering, “if my kid seems healthy why worry about these spinal imbalances or potential of scoliosis?” The nervous system controls every cell and tissue in the body. The spine protects these nerve pathways. Spinal imbalances interfere with nerve pathways. This spinal interference and scoliosis may lead to heart, lung, and digestion problems, as well as spinal decay and pain.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A Pound of Cure

Catching these problems early can help to stabilize the spine and maximize communication for the brain to the body; insuring optimal health. Dr. Schofield helps people of all ages to thrive in his Northwest Phoenix Atlas Chiropractic office. You may call 1-602-938-8868 today of a Spinal Check Up or learn more about our office at .