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Top 3 Reasons Pregnant Women Choose Chiropractic

Why so many women are opting for Chiropractic while pregnant

Many women today are choosing to be under Chiropractic Care while pregnant.  All the reasons that anyone would go under Chiropractic Care are magnified when concerned about the health of a fetus.

Your Body Has an Intelligence

Health is 100% communication between the brain and the body. Your brain houses an intelligence to guide, and tell your body what to do. Think of this as a blue print of perfection. You were born with this intelligence. Midwives, and specifically the Bradley Method of childbirth, have been aware of this for some time. The goal of the Chiropractor is to limit interference to the on board guidance system. In the case of pregnancy, this intelligence tells the mother’s body what to do every step of the way. This knowledge of perfection limits fear and anxiety.

Drug Free Pregnancy – The Body’s Pharmacy

Most Americans reach for over the counter prescriptions, and prescription drugs, for every symptom they have. Pregnant women know these drugs are bad for the baby and avoid them. What is a pregnant mother to do to feel better? Although Chiropractors do not treat symptoms, many patients get relief. After a Chiropractic adjustment and improved body function, many people notice improved symptoms such as: acid reflux, nausea, frequent urination, cramping, fatigue, dizziness, colds, sinus, allergies, digestion, constipation etc. Remember drugs are duplicating something the body makes already; when functioning properly.

Decreased Pain During Delivery and Shorter Labor Times

Studies have shown that pregnant women under regular chiropractic care experienced less pain during delivery and shorter labor times. For many women this is the only reason needed, and they are in the office regularly with every pregnancy.