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Vitamin D Reduces Risk Of Colon Cancer

Higher Vitamin D levels in blood reduce colon cancer odds

A recent study published in the medical journal GUT and reviewed by the New York Times showed that those with higher levels of Vitamin D had a reduced risk of colon cancer. Dr. Fred Schofield at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix has taught for over 30 years that the only cure for cancer is prevention. The use of Vitamin D is only one of the preventive strategies that Atlas Chiropractic uses to maximize the health and function of each of their patients.

Cancer Cells verses Healthy Cells: The Balance of the Immune System

Cancer cells are in your body all the time. When your immune system is strong, the cancer cells are limited. Imagine that your body is a garden; cancer cells are the weeds, healthy cells are the plants or grass. If the plants or grass are strong, the weeds will not take over, but if you do not practice prevention in your garden (pulling weeds, along with nourishing roots and seeds), then the weeds take over.

Natural Sources of Vitamin D

Although cod liver oil, sword fish, salmon, and plenty of sunshine are very good natural sources of Vitamin D, it is very hard to get enough Vitamin D through food and sunlight alone.

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