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Walking Can Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer by 25%

Breast Cancer Risk Reduced by 25% in brisk walkers

A recent study shows that the more you exercise the less risk you may have of getting breast cancer. Dr. Fred Schofield, a Northwest Phoenix Chiropractor at Atlas Chiropractic, has always said “exercise adds years to life “or “motion is life”. Now science is proving that Dr. Schofield has been right, about exercise being the key to energy and health, all along.

The Chiropractic Link to Walking and Exercise

A car that is properly aligned will get better mileage. A spine, nervous system and body (in alignment), can keep you exercising for an entire lifetime. If your car is out of alignment, things start breaking down and the car ends up being unusable. If your body is out of alignment your ability to walk and exercise is limited. Limited walking equals an increased risk of breast cancer. Staying in alignment with Chiropractic care, means being able to continue exercising for a lifetime and decreasing your risk of cancer.

More is better when it comes to exercise and preventing cancer

Women, who walked 7 hours a week, had a 14% reduction in breast cancer. But those that worked up a sweat with moderate to intense exercise had a 25% reduction in breast cancer. Moderate exercise can include fast walking, combined with other activities that raise the heart rate and make you sweat!

Walking also helps with obesity, heart disease and diabetes

Walking also helps reduce your risk for obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Just as taking your car to the mechanic for a regular oil change and check up keeps your car in top shape, seeing a Chiropractor on a regular basis keeps your body in top shape. Because your Chiropractic adjustment will keep you walking, it can help prevent cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

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