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“Why are kids today dying of thirst?” … and Drinking Tons of Energy Drinks?

The Dangers of Teenagers Drinking Tons of Energy Drinks

Kids today are drinking tons of ENERGY DRINKS. The link below tell the story of a 14 year old who, while attending a video game marathon event, consumed 8 liters worth of energy drinks within a 16 hour period. This caused him to pass out, due to kidney failure, and which resulted in the 14 year old being hooked up to a respirator.

Teenage boy’s kidneys fail after consuming 8 liters of acidifying energy drink in 16 hours

This story may sound extreme, but is not that unthinkable for many teenagers today. Children’s bodies are thirsting for nutrition and lifestyles that build health and energy. Eating junk food, combined with lack of sleep, results in low energy. Trying to make up for this lack of energy with energy drinks creates even more Energy Debt. If the body is continually pushed by this unhealthy lifestyle, eventually it will crash, and possibly be rendered unable to carry on!

Your body will have all the energy it will ever need

With proper nerve flow, fuel and rest, your body will have all the energy it will ever need. Think of your body as an energy bank. If you sleep for a full 8 hours or more, you are making a deposit to the energy bank. If you provide the body with whole food nutrition (fresh organic vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, grass fed meat and dairy) six times per day, you have made another deposit. If you see a Chiropractor regularly, to maintain proper nerve flow, you are also making a deposit to your energy bank. When you keep your energy bank full, you have all the energy you will ever need, whenever you need it.

Atlas Chiropractic, The Northwest Phoenix Energy Source

Dr. Fred Schofield, at Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, has been focused on maximizing human performance and energy for his patients for over 25 years. Each of us has chemical, physical and emotional barriers in the way of accessing our true potential energy.

Dr. Fred coaches his patients on how to get proper nutrition, exercise and how to maintain a positive mental attitude. These are the keys to reaching the true potential energy that we are all capable of.

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